2013 – Funny Face!

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This visually lavish and extravagant romantic comedy carries us to the exciting world of fashion magazine publishing in 1950’s Paris, where romance and music meet glamour and couture.  Starring some of the most popular celebrities of the era in the key roles and featuring some of the most memorable scenes and musical numbers ever captured on film, FUNNY FACE left an undeniable mark on the worlds of fashion and entertainment and is widely recognized as one of the most beloved movies among all fashionistas on Earth!

Take the Picture!

Worn only for a few brief moments in what is probably one of the most memorable scenes of the entire movie, the look of “Take The Picture!” is arguably what permanently set the image of FUNNYFACE in our collective imaginations.  When the character of Jo Stockton made her appearance on screen in this flamboyant bright red, perfectly constructed satin gown, the audience was floored!


Jo Stockton (Vanessa 1.0 Mold) Take The Picture   400 $150.00



Think Pink

In “Think Pink”, lead character Maggie Prescott, Fashion Editor extraordinaire, is out to lay new fashion ground for her ever demanding readers and fashion lovers all over the world.  As she starts exploring fashion trends to create a bold new look for the next issue of her fashion magazine, she and her “oh so fashionable” assistants break into this most visually stunning musical number… Totally convincing us to THINK PINK!  The Think Pink dressed doll mini-gift set represents one of Maggie’s fashionably pink clad assistants!


Maggie Prescott (Imogen mold) Think Pink   400 $150.00



The Quality Woman

Maggie Prescott is “The Quality Woman”.  Other women want to be her and she is the ultimate fashionista–FUNNY FACE‘s very own Anna Wintour type.  Maggie not only knows trends inside out, she sets them.  She is fashion and knows a fresh face when she sees one!  Ms. Prescott is the one who turns a simple book store clerk into an international modeling super star!


Maggie Prescott (Imogen mold) The Quality Woman   400 $199.00



On How to Be Lovely

FUNNY FACE is one of the most important movies as far as fashion is concerned and this gift set is simply the perfect representation of the glamour and beauty that defined the 50s as one of the most fashion forward eras of movie costume history!  In this portion of the FUNNY FACE collection by Integrity Toys, the character of Jo Stockton is dressed in some of the most astonishing looks of this classic movie.


Jo Stockton (Veronique 2.0 Mold) On How to Be Lovely   400 $199.00


Bonjour, Paris!

When famed photographer Dick Avery discovers store clerk Jo Stockon pretty much hidden behind a stack of books in a small underground New York bookstore, no one suspects that this petite mundane bookworm would become one of fashion’s most sought after models.  A makeover and a trip to Paris later, Jo Stockton’s life would never be the same!


Jo Stockton (Original Veronique 1.0 Mold) Bonjour Paris   400 $199.00



A Woman Who Thinks

FUNNY FACE is widely recognized for its star-studded cast and one of the most memorable is 50’s actress and super model Dovima as Marion, playing a parody of herself. Adding high-fashion glam and stealing the scenes, she appears as the air-headed yet gorgeous high-fashion top model.  This character delivered some of the funniest one-liners of the movie and is widely remembered as a style icon.


Marion (Anja mold) A Woman Who Thinks   400 $150.00



Let’s Kiss and Make Up


Jo Stockton (Vanessa 2.0 Mold) Let’s Kiss and Make Up W Club Exclusive Lottery 400 $199.00


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