The Industry – 2016


First unveiled at the 2015 Integrity Toys convention in Long Beach, California, THE INDUSTRY is the brainchild of Poppy Parker creator David Buttry! The W Club officially launch this collection with the introduction of the first 12-inch Tulabelle doll in the series, Lady Stardust!  Lady Stardust doll was offered in a super-limited introductory edition size of 500 pieces only and marked the debut of a brand new, ultra-versatile body sculpt.  


Tulabelle Lady Stardust   500 $120.00





Tulabelle You Better Werk! Official 2016 Convention Welcome Set 500 Part of Convention Souvenir, Registration $500.00


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Tuabelle Come Thru!   600 $125.00



.unnamed (8)unnamed (7)unnamed (6)unnamed (9)

Liu Liu Ling Style Savior   600 $125.00



unnamed (13)unnamed (12)unnamed (11)unnamed (10)unnamed (14)

Binx Barone Zine Queen   600 $125.00



unnamed (19)unnamed (18)unnamed (17)unnamed (16)unnamed (15)unnamed (20)

Tate Tanaka Believe the Hype   600 $125.00



unnamed (24)unnamed (23)unnamed (22)unnamed (21)unnamed (25)

Cabot Clark Beauty Boss   600 $125.00

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