Agnes von Weiss

Skin Tone   Body  Character  Name  Year  
Japan FR-T Agnes Concerto in M 2006
Japan FR-T Agnes Dressing The Part 2006
Japan FR-T Agnes Saks Fifth Avenue 2007
Japan FR-T Agnes The Royal Weiss 2007
Japan FR-T Agnes Wicked Valentine 2007
Japan FR-T Agnes Behind the Drama 2008
Latino FR-T Agnes Firefly 2008
Japan FR-T Agnes High Gloss 2008
Porcelain FR-T-HS Agnes Festive Decadence 2009
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Optic Verve 2009
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Poesie Enchantee 2009
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Silver Zinger 2009
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Head for Glamour – Raven 2010
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Head for Glamour – Blonde 2010
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Regal Estate 2010
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Vivid Impact 2011
Tan FR-T-HS Agnes Force of Nature 2012
Japan FR-T-HS Agnes Truly Madly Deeply 2012
Latino FR2 Agnes Nightfall 2013
Japan  FR2  Agnes October Issue 2013
Japan FR2 Agnes High Visibility 2014
Japan FR2 Agnes Intimate Reveal 2014
Japan FR2 Agnes Aristocratic 2015
Cream FR2 Agnes Love, Life & Lace 2016
Japan FR2 Agnes Sister Moguls 2016