Integrity Toys Reference Page

A reference page of fashion dolls released by Integrity Toys from 2003 to present. 

The lines included in this reference guide are: 

  • Fashion Royalty/FR2                                     

  • NuFace/NuFantasy

  • Poppy Parker

  • The Dynamite Girls

  • The Industry

  • Monogram

  • Victoire Roux

  • East 59th

  • Poppy Parker Fashion Teen (16 inch doll) 

  • Tulabelle (16 inch doll) 

  • FR:16

  • ITBE

  • FR Nippon: Misaki/Amelie/Kylie

  • Licenses 

Please note that this is a fan page and in no way affiliated with Integrity Toys Inc., the W Club or their affiliates.  

Nothing is for sale. 

All images are the official promotional photos of Integrity Toys Inc. Where applicable and available, third party images are used with the permission of the artist or under the Creative Commons License. All images are for illustration purposes only.