ITBE – 2013


First unveiled at the Premiere Convention in October of 2013 in Los Angeles,  the Integrity Toys Basic Edition, or  ITBE dolls,  quickly became the talk of the show as they generated tons of excitement!

The newly revamped ITBE collection features various collector favorite head sculpts and bodies combined together in fun, never seen before combinations and skin tones! Many fans asked IT that ultimate question “what if so and so was done in such and such way?” 


Adele Makeda Gold Glam IT Direct 300 $75.00




Isha Narayana Kalpana Shimmering Copper IT Direct 300 $75.00




Natalia Fatale Light Strike IT Direct 300 $75.00




Lilith Hard Metal The Premiere Convention 300 $65.00




Anja In Sequins The Premiere Convention 400 $65.00

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