Jason Wu Fragrance Elyse Jolie


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elyse jason Wu 11

Elyse Jolie Jason Wu Fragrance Elyse Net-A-Porter (Brunette) & W club Lottery (Blonde) 300 (Brunette)

225 (Blonde)

$380.00 (Including 3. Fl. Oz Perfume)

2 thoughts on “Jason Wu Fragrance Elyse Jolie

    • integritytoysdolls says:

      Hi There,

      the doll (brunette) was available on the Net-a Porter site on August 15. I believe she is sold out by now.

      The blonde version of the doll is available later this year to W Club members as part of a club wide lottery. She is not available for the public to purchase. Only the brunette was.


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